Wills and Probate are very important and require the necessary attention.

They ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones. We can assist you with the structure of the will ensuring that you will receive maximum tax benefits. Our team can help draft and validate the will, so that it includes:

  • all steps of making a valid Will and the later appointment of an Executor; or
  • all aspects of the Administration of the Estate of a Deceased, in the absence of a Will.


The vast majority of adults do not make a Will in Cyprus and without one:


– A surviving spouse or family members will not necessarily inherit assets the way you would be willing to,

– An unmarried partner is not entitled to any inheritance,

– Family disputes may arise, and children may be negatively affected,

– Nobody knows who can better administer your inheritance than you.

Our Will & Probate lawyers and consultants will help you secure your interests and give you the peace of mind knowing your Estate assets and loved ones are taken care of when you pass away.

– Succession consultation

– Outline of your wishes and the names of your beneficiaries

– Executor appointment

– Signature in the presence of two witnesses