Investment Program through Acquisition of Real Estate

Cyprus remains a popular choice for purchasers of real estate, whether as a main residence or purely for investment purposes. Investment property in Cyprus offers outstanding potential for both buy to let investors as well as those looking to make capital gains.



We have a large portfolio of properties on offer to suit any tastes.



  • Acquisition of real estate in the amount of at least €2,000,000 is regarded as an investment in the Cypriot economy and is the main qualifying requirement for participation in the “Cyprus Investment Program”. On fulfillment of this condition the investor is normally granted citizenship of Cyprus within 6 months. You can find the full list of all the benefits as a national of a EU member country and some aspects and conditions of the inaturalization scheme.


  • Real estate in Cyprus is in high demand among potential investors due to its high quality, the developed infrastructure and wide choice of building properties. Investors can select properties in every part of the country, depending on the local peculiarities and advantages and its own preferences.


  • Investments are reliably protected as investors are allowed to sell a property purchased under terms of the Program after three years have passed (except for personal real estate for the value of at least €500,000, which must be retained on a continuing basis).  The prices of buildings are quite stable, and a fall in price is highly improbable due to the constant demand for real estate in Cyprus. In any case the prices are fixed in Euro, so our clients can be confident of preserving their investments on expiry of the minimum term of three years and thereafter.


  • The full amount of investments made by an applicant shall belong to him or her. Unlike in certain other countries which offer similar programs, the funds invested in the economy of Cyprus are recoverable by the investor. This advantage makes, without any exaggeration, the Cypriot program a unique program.


  • Important amendments to legislation were implemented with respect to tax matters in favour of investors, such as abolishment of immovable property tax from 2017 and tax reliefs with respect to payment of VAT.