Month: June 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS 5

June 24, 2013
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Adobe CS5 Icon

  Adobe Photoshop CS5 f0r Windows and Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Mac All rights are property of Adobe. You can buy these products on Adobe site or from distributors!

Time Management for Programmers

Programmer is mostly required to be smart and sometimes even creative for the “top”… But what we have instead? lol :) Rushing all the time and nothing achieving, loaded with lots of work and commit stupid mistakes in the code. If you recognized your situation, you need to improve your time management like me :) Thats […]

Steve Jobs will broken?

June 18, 2013
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There are many talks around new iOS 7 look. And mostly people don’t like the change. For me being Android user by faith ;) – this fact is interesting from that side that I earn on my life by software development for mobile platforms. So, to know last trends in this area is a must […]

VPS which I use

June 4, 2013
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Support quality is A+++ It’s young business located physically in Ukraine. They are really care about customers. The Universe is made so, that if you do good it returns to you. I wish VPS.UA all the best!   If you looking for VDS in USA – I recommend EOMY VDS Im sure, for the quality […]